Delta Faucet Trip 2011

A few weeks ago I took part of a DIY blogger event at the Delta Faucet World Headquarters.This event hosted 10 bloggers (including me) for a two day learning/experiment of what Delta is and how they operate.

As most Americans probably know of this iconic company. Delta has been an established name in our culture for many years. My grandmother still has her single lever Delta classic in her house after 50+ years. I have a few Delta faucets in my house, I knew the name, and it had a good reputation. What I found during this trips was Delta is obsessed with making a great product, changing quickly and creatinging innovation to solve our everyday problems.

Located in Indianapolis Indiana I expected their HQ to lbe a massive building with no features besides a big concrete wall and a small door. What I found startled me, pleasantly.

Upon arriving we were welcomed to a beautiful facility with a nicely mainicured lawn and a nice entrance. As we walked through the glass fronted building we were welcomed by what I assumed was the entire Delta staff cheering for us. From the first minute of our arrival we knew that everyone here wanted this goup of DIY’ers to be here.

The next two days were packed with learning, exploring and playing all things delta. Let me tell you there are a lot of things we learned!

We started the Day by learning about Delta as a company:

  • Founded in 1954 by Alex Manoogian (wiki link)
  • There are three factories in the USA
  • The company aims to be “green”
  • Water treatment plant in house
  • Recycles metals and equipment
  • Staff is loyal and stays with the company
  • Employees are passionate

The company has a three brand approach that meets different price ranges as well as style requirements.

Brizo is described as “Fashion Forward” and I can attest to that statement! As someone who is very function over form I want things that work and they do not need to look the best. These faucets made me not only appreciate their thought in functionality, but also admire their beauty! It is like putting a piece of art in your kitchen.

Even I know this is elegant

A lot of these ideas break the mold of what a faucet looks like and it makes you appreciate the design and intentionality put into it

We did not spend much time reviewing Peerless, however it is their “contractor” grade line. The design of the units are not nearly as progressive as Delta or Brizo. These are the faucets that you would most likely find when you move into a house or in a discount Home Improvement Center:

Delta is a name that everyone knows and has grown up with. Over the past few years this company has undergone some big changes. Their design options are now vast. The delta line is huge, only a few years ago their selection was around 30% of what it is now.

Delta wants to be relatable to the average person. Both in design and price range. They make products for almost everyone. While they still use their classic single lever design in a lot of their products they have other designs as well.

Delta is the brand that really fits this crowd, they pay attention to things like installation, usage and functionality. During our time we had an installation challenge ( Merrypad and me were the fastest both times) Where we had to install a Kitchen Faucet and a Bathroom Faucet with Touch 2.o XT (more on that later) None of the groups had any major problems with the installation even though there was a little bit of water spraying around.

Diamond Seal Technology - Smoother operation and longer lasting

Driven by you:

We did not spend the entire time lot ooking at the latest design trends (we did see some really neat things) However we learned how the company operates and finds direction. The team at Delta takes common problems seriously, and that is why you have seen more innovations from Delta than any other faucet manufacturer.


There is a lot of study that goes on at the Delta HQ. Did you know that they study how people use faucets and showers? Well, they do (luckliy they get your consent beforehand and pay you) What they learn from this is invaluable and it is the reason why so many of  our problems, some that we did’nt  even realize we had, are beig solved.

We have all had this issue: You are cooking dinner (lets say burgers) after you form the patty you need to wash your hands to keep the icky stuff from spreading everyhwere. What do you do? Think about what you have done in the past… Now think about all of that ethnographic research on video that Delta has? Thats how you come up with an idea like Touch technology! How nice is it that you can go to your sink and touch  it with any part of your body to turn it on? No more using your arms, noses, feet or other appendages to start that water. This is just one of many innovations that they have developed over the years

Here is a list of their recent innovatons:

  • Touch 2.o
  • Touch 2.o xt
  • Magnadock
  • In2uition Showerhead
  • H20kinetic Technology
  • Diamond Seal Technology

I will be posting articles about my thoughts on these technologies, so check the links for updates.

To sum it all up, I was very impressed with how Delta operates. Their vision and interest in the everyday problems we all face will keep them around for a long time.

Delta would also like to let everyone know that they did pay for my trip and all relatable expenses. This post is not sponsored and they did not pressure me for a positive review. All of the opionions I have are my own.

An example of H2OKinetic Technology


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