The First post

Note: This is the third attempt to write this post…and it was written before I had a site ready to go.

It was just over a week ago that I first decided that I was going to start a blog. I have thought about this for a long time, but never felt that I had anything worthwile to share with people.  Yes, I do have an interesting life. I am constantly meeting new people and following the idea that I want to learn as much as I can before I die. I do this not to horde information, but rather to know that I can understand how humans have come so far in our collective understanding of the world.

I also tend to get bored easily…So much to the point that I cannot stop trying to learn something, tinker with a gizmo around my house, or just annoy my amazing wife.

There are times that I do wish I could just have a simple life with a simple job. Somthing like my grandfather, who was a factory worker his entire life outside his time in the Coast Guard. Going to work everyday, starting the day with the sound of the factory whistle. Knowing exactly what needs to get done by time the quittin whistle blows. Easy luches with your coworkers where you can stretch your feet and have lunch in a metal box. Well I’m not like that, as much as I sometimes wish for it, I’m getting bored even thinking about it.

Getting back to the blogging thought… A week or so ago I had this great idea that I was going to start blogging, so I did what I tend to do. I put it to the universe to decide If this would be a good venture. As I have a good talking relationship with the Handy Guys I asked them if they had any freelance work. Less than an hour later I was set to take a trip the following week for them to the Delta Faucet HQ in Indiana.

With my way guided to me by the universe, I headed to this event with an open mind. I was prepared to go there and have a miserable time, listening to topics on faucets that I would never want to know and would leave my mind once the topic was over. This trip was quite the opposite of, with every minute scheduled and topics that were relatablefor our group. The people at Delta had a passion for what they do and it showed to all of us.

I will talk in length about Delta in future posts, and this was the momentum that I needed to start a blog.

The other bloggers there were amazing, they were all in the DIY field and had different levels of expertiese. The one thing they were all supportive of me was to start my own blog. Even though I would be “competition” to them there is enough room for people to share their ideas in this topic area.

So here we go on an adventure to learn, grow and hopefully build stuff! It is my goal to cover a variety of topics, but focusing on DIY projects, reviews and construction updates from my renovation at work.

Thanks for listening, I’ll post again soon.

My Dog Cse Cse, the best helper a DIY Geek can have!

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